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133 Queen Street, Cleveland

133 Queen Street is a first-floor tenancy situated in the heart of Cleveland’s bustling business precinct. The property posed several challenges due to its location on the first floor with stair access only, coupled with its tired and neglected condition. The owners had resigned themselves to believing that finding a suitable tenant would prove difficult. However, Mark Montague, a seasoned property expert, recognised an opportunity and embarked on a mission to transform the space into a desirable commercial property.

Mark had already fostered a relationship with a nearby business who were keen to find a larger space, without spending a lot more than their current rent.  Mark saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between their requirements and the available property at 133 Queen Street.

During the inspection and introduction process, Mark learnt more about the prospective tenant’s requirements and the owner’s appetite for investing in their asset.  He facilitated negotiations between both parties with a goal of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement that would make the space suitable for the prospective tenants to take on a medium-term lease, which would give the owners confidence to invest in the property’s makeover.

To revitalise 133 Queen Street, the owners commissioned a series of improvements, starting with the installation of new carpeting and fresh paint.  These simple upgrades breathed new life into the property, creating a significantly more inviting and professional atmosphere.  Additionally, a few minor renovations were undertaken to address some functional deficiencies, ensuring that the space met the requirements of the new tenants.

The transformation of 133 Queen Street exceeded expectations and the once neglected and vacant property now serves as a thriving commercial space, bustling with activity.

If you’re seeking commercial property solutions in Brisbane’s Bayside, Mark Montague is your go-to expert.  With his wealth of experience and dedication to creating mutually beneficial outcomes, Mark can assist you in buying, selling, leasing, and managing all classes of commercial property. Contact Mark Montague at RWC Bayside today to discuss your commercial property needs.

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