Why Regular Pest Inspections are Essential

By Karyn Stroet

The appearance and cleanliness of workplace amenities and facilities can seriously impact how businesses are perceived. Sightings of pests in common areas, bathrooms and foyers can leave long-lasting negative impressions.

Even worse, with pests carrying the potential to cause serious health issues and significant damage to properties, infestations can become hazardous and lead to expensive repair works.

Pests can find entry through unprotected windows, pipes, vents, doors and ceilings in search of food, shelter and water, which can lead to unwanted issues:

  • rats and mice can gnaw on cables and wiring creating fire hazards and damaging equipment
  • cockroaches can multiply very quickly and contaminate food and utensils
  • ants can be drawn to electrical equipment causing disruptions to power

With commercial buildings often sharing ceilings, walls and common areas, early detection of pests is critical.  Taking immediate action to control small pest problems can help avoid larger and more expensive issues. 

There are some simple ways to help prevent infestations:

  • fix water leaks and reduce moisture
  • keep tree branches and undergrowth cut back from the property to remove bridges that could allow pests to gain entry
  • maintain good cleaning habits, remove food sources from bins and kitchen benches
  • remove clutter from around buildings 
  • seal entry points 
  • keep industrial bin lids closed at all times

Regular pest inspections are vital to protecting commercial properties.  The experienced Property Management team at Ray White Commercial Bayside can recommend and maintain an effective pest control schedule to help keep your premises safe and vermin-free.

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