Understanding Damage vs Fair Wear and Tear in Commercial Rental Properties

By Karyn Stroet

As property management experts, we often encounter questions surrounding the distinction between damage caused by tenants and fair wear and tear. It’s crucial for both landlords and tenants to grasp the nuances of this differentiation to ensure a smooth and fair tenancy experience.  The award-winning property management team at RWC Bayside is well-versed in clarifying these complexities, averting potentially contentious disputes.

In short, any damage resulting from intentionally destructive or negligent behaviour by the tenant falls squarely within the tenant’s responsibility to ‘make-good’. In these cases, tenants are obliged to inform the property management team immediately and seek guidance on the process to action any necessary repairs or replacements.

Meanwhile, the term ‘fair wear and tear’ can sometimes be ambiguous, leading to disagreements between landlords and tenants. Essentially, it refers to the natural deterioration that occurs through ordinary, everyday use, considering factors like exposure to the elements, age, and regular function.

Both landlords and tenants may harbour unrealistic expectations regarding the condition of the property at the end of the lease term.  Landlords may anticipate the property to remain pristine, while tenants may overlook their responsibility for reasonable wear and tear.

In reality, wear and tear are inevitable in commercial rental properties, and landlords should anticipate a certain level of deterioration during occupancy.

Inspection Reports, ideally supplemented with detailed photographs, serve as a crucial tool in preventing or resolving disputes over fair wear and tear, and help to minimise the risk of these types of disputes.  These reports also play a pivotal role in keeping landlords informed about the property’s condition and provide the opportunity to promptly address any issues.

At RWC Bayside, we understand the complexities surrounding damage and fair wear and tear in commercial rental properties. Our team of experts is well-versed in handling these matters efficiently and fairly. Whether you’re a landlord seeking guidance or a tenant needing clarification, you can trust the award-winning property management team at RWC Bayside to provide expert assistance every step of the way.

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