The Importance of Regularly Checking Statements and Tenancy Schedules

By Karyn Stroet

Staying on top of financial statements and tenancy schedules should be a top priority for all commercial property landlords. This crucial task ensures that your investments remain profitable and efficiently managed by identifying potential issues before they escalate. For a commercial property management team with loads of expertise and experience, this practice is non-negotiable.

One of the primary reasons for regularly checking these reports is to ensure that crucial financial actions are promptly taken. Instances like failing to implement rental increases, not on-charging utilities to tenants, or overlooking arrears can all lead to significant revenue losses. By keeping a close eye on statements, these oversights can be caught early, preventing financial strain and ensuring a steady cash flow.

Another aspect that necessitates regular checks is the renewal of lease agreements. Letting a lease lapse without renewal can lead to unnecessary vacancies, causing a negative impact on your property’s profitability. Proactively managing lease expirations allows for a smoother tenant transition and minimises the risk of extended vacancies.

Monitoring general and regular maintenance is vital to limiting costly damages and repairs. Neglecting maintenance can lead to a snowball effect, where minor issues escalate into major problems, resulting in higher expenses and frustrated tenants. Regular property inspections and maintenance checks can prevent such situations and protect the property’s long-term value.

To achieve these crucial management practices, it’s essential to choose a property management team with extensive experience and a hands-on approach. The award-winning Property Management team at RWC Bayside is equipped with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the performance of each property meticulously. Their dedication ensures that your commercial properties are managed optimally, with minimal stress on your part.

By regularly checking statements and tenancy schedules, and conducting annual ‘health checks’, landlords can maintain control over their investments and avoid unnecessary costs and vacancies. The peace of mind that comes from having a reliable and experienced property management team by your side is invaluable. Whether you are new to commercial property ownership or looking to enhance your investment’s success, contacting the Property Management team at RWC Bayside is a step towards securing a prosperous future for your assets. Trust the experts to handle your commercial property efficiently and enjoy the rewards of a well-managed investment portfolio.  Call us today on 07 3245 7199 to find out more.

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