Spotlight on Engaging and Managing Contractors

By Karyn Stroet

As a landlord, you will inevitably need to engage contractors to undertake maintenance/repair works to ensure your property is well-kept and your asset is protected. Service providers could include plumbers, electricians, builders, gardeners and cleaners, and the degree of works could range from simple handyman tasks to larger specialist jobs like roof and air-conditioning replacements.

Choosing a contractor with the right experience, knowledge and reputation, who also holds the requisite insurance and licences, is vital to ensuring you get a quality outcome, and avoid wasting valuable time and money. 

Good communication is critical when briefing tasks, determining budget and establishing realistic deadlines.  Providing a thorough scope of work, photos and timeframe, along with routinely monitoring progress and paying creditors on-time will help to develop mutual respect and build positive relationships with tradespeople. 

Coordination of these fundamental activities by experienced property managers who understand the requirements and nuances of each job will provide owners, tenants and suppliers with confidence and clear expectations. 

The award-winning property management team at Ray White Commercial Bayside has a strong network of highly skilled, licenced and insured tradespeople, and access to preferred pricing discounts.  We coordinate booking, briefing and remunerating contractors, and can prepare preventative maintenance programs to promote capital preservation and growth.  Contact us today to find out how we can help maximise the performance of your investment.

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