Protecting Property from Ram Raids

By Karyn Stroet

There has been a significant increase in the number of ram raids over the last few months. Opportunistic thieves, usually in stolen vehicles, drive straight through the doors of premises, grabbing what they can, causing severe damage and. heavy losses.  Beyond the initial distress and clean-up following the event, landlords and tenants must invest valuable time and money on repairs and re-stocking merchandise before trading can start again.

Installing bollards is a strong visual and physical deterrent measure and makes it harder for criminals to ram the property.  Where bollards are not feasible, with the landlord’s permission businesses can install various types of swinging or fixed ram beams and shutters which can protect doors and windows when installed correctly.   

Other simple and cost-effective methods that can reduce the chances of being targeted include removing stock from view after hours and locking up valuables out of sight.  Generally, ram raiders seek out branded goods and items which are easily disposable through social media, including clothing, surf gear, power tools and of course, cigarettes. 

We strongly recommend all landlords and tenants consider risk mitigation and discuss protective options with insurers, always making sure that business use is correctly noted and policies are kept current to ensure an easy claim process should the need arise.

If you’d like to discuss risk management strategies or upgrades/improvement options to protect your asset, please contact the experienced Property Management team at Ray White Commercial Bayside.

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