Prevent High Water Consumption Bills and Costly Repairs

By Karyn Stroet

With numerous people using bathrooms and kitchen facilities each day, commercial properties commonly use a substantial amount of water. Leaking taps and pipes will escalate water consumption, and if not identified and fixed early, can lead to a significant increase in water bills and costly repairs.

Commercial facilities with toilets, especially those with public bathrooms, receive a considerable amount of use; even toilets in office tenancies that only serve employees will be used more frequently than a residential toilet. It’s important to keep bathrooms in good condition and ensure leaks are repaired as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Replacing tap washers is inexpensive, but if neglected the wear could increase and accelerate the deterioration of other components, resulting in additional costs which could have been prevented.

Hidden leaks in underground supply pipes will require a visual inspection by remote camera to pinpoint the location of the leak. Once found, the pipes will generally need to be unearthed and repaired.

Neglected water leaks can cause extensive damage, and repair may result in the need for removal of walls, floors, ceilings, equipment or other material to gain access to the source of the leak.

Early detection is critical. Some simple signs to watch out for include:
* water damage or staining on ceilings, walls and floorboards
* wet or damp carpet
* areas of wet soil or grass, and sections where vegetation is growing faster than surrounding areas
* corrosion around pipes and pipe fittings
* drips that continue after taps have been turned off
* toilets that flush but don’t shut off after the tank is filled

Prolonged water leaks have the potential to cause unexpected flooding and long-term water damage, plus the very real possibility of encouraging the growth of mould which poses serious health risks.

The experienced Property Management team at Ray White Commercial Bayside has access to a range of trusted and qualified suppliers, trades and technicians who can assess any suspected leaks and recommend preventative measures to avoid costly water damage repairs and inflated water consumption expenses. Contact us today to find out how we can help to protect your commercial investment.

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