Periodic Property Inspections & Maintenance Obligations

By Karyn Stroet

Conducting routine on-site inspections of commercial buildings is always a good idea.  It provides an opportunity to promote positive communication between landlord and tenant, and to see how the property is being maintained.  Equally important, it’s an opportunity to identify any areas of general deterioration that would benefit from proactive maintenance/repair.  It’s also an occasion to check that the property is fully compliant with all regulations, and to detect any risks with the potential to cause personal injury.

Examining the general condition of the building and surrounding grounds can help to uncover signs of underlying damage and hazards, including loose/cracked tiles, water leaks, potholes and trees that require trimming, which could all escalate to bigger and more expensive issues if not dealt with promptly.

To ensure that properties are maintained according to the terms of the lease, commissioning professional air-conditioning and fire equipment servicing, electrical ‘test and tag’ inspections and commercial exhaust cleans may be required.  It’s important that landlords and tenants retain all inspection certificates and service records to substantiate that these obligations have been met.

In addition to scheduling and coordinating all landlord maintenance and servicing responsibilities, the experienced Property Management team at Ray White Commercial Bayside conduct regular site inspections and provide owners with an overall report outlining the condition of the property, tactical maintenance recommendations, and photographic evidence to support any areas of concern.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help to protect you against liability, keep areas safe and compliant, and preserve the capital value of your commercial investment, call us today on 07 3245 7199.

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