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1 & 2/20 Darnick Street, Underwood

In the heart of the thriving Underwood Industrial Estate, 1 & 2/20 Darnick Street stood as a pair of overlooked gems – two 300m² units, each with 30m² mezzanines, waiting for their potential to be unlocked. The property’s owner was blissfully unaware of the untapped value within his premises until he approached RWC Bayside, driven by a previous positive experience and a referral from another agency well aware of our leasing prowess.

Hugh Fletcher, a dedicated expert at RWC Bayside, embarked on a transformative journey. The property, burdened by two legacy tenants and a lack of attention, was in dire need of professional insight. Upon scrutinising the existing leases, Hugh quickly identified the glaring issue: the tenancies were severely undervalued and mismanaged, with unreviewed rents and absent bonds.

Armed with this crucial knowledge, Hugh collaborated closely with the owner. The first step involved securing a new lease for unit 2 following the exiting of the incumbent tenant.  A quality new tenant was secured on a strong lease within a mere two weeks, showcasing the agency’s reach and agility. Simultaneously, negotiations with the existing tenant in unit 1 resulted in a transition to a fair market rate lease agreement, ensuring stability and profitability for the owner.

Building on this success, Hugh leveraged the established trust he’d earned with the owner, and offered some further strategic recommendations. With meticulous planning, the property underwent a significant facelift – a new roof, thorough cleaning, enhanced lighting, and landscaped surroundings. These improvements not only boosted the property’s aesthetics, but also significantly increased its market value.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable. With the new leases in place and the property’s overall appeal enhanced, the owner experienced a staggering 100% increase in annual rental income. Through astute management, timely action, and a keen understanding of the market dynamics, Hugh Fletcher and the team at RWC Bayside skillfully spearheaded the transformation of 1 & 2/20 Darnick Street into a beacon of success in the bustling Underwood industrial landscape.

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