Joel Kuchel

Commercial Sales & Leasing Associate

Joel Kuchel, a proud Redlands Coast local, brings a deep connection to his community and a commitment to excellence in commercial property sales and leasing. With an Associate Degree in Business Management, Joel combines his academic background with a practical understanding of the market, making him a valuable asset to both clients and colleagues.

Joel’s approach to commercial real estate is characterised by his proactive attitude and keen market insight.  His dedication to clients is evident in his personalised service, ensuring that each transaction is smooth and successful.

Working closely with Nathan Moore, director of RWC Bayside, Joel is learning from the very best in the business. This mentorship ensures that Joel is well-equipped with the skills and knowledge required to deliver exceptional results.

In addition to his professional acumen, Joel is known for his integrity and genuine desire to help his clients succeed.  His commitment to excellence, coupled with the invaluable guidance from Nathan Moore, positions Joel as a rising star in the commercial real estate industry.